Canada Natural Resources

provide variety options of investment, specialized in natural resources which includes coal, iron, gold and spring water.


GoldenKey Investments Group

GoldenKey Investments Group is an investment and consulting company mainly engaged in providing investment solutions for investors and business both in Canada and Asia.

We specialize in natural resources including coal, iron, gold, copper, precious metals, potassium, energy resources such as petroleum and wind power, and spring water. We also provide consulting services for commercial property investment.

Our services include feasibility studies, technical report, investment strategies, as well as field work and project management.

We also have experienced accountants and Bookkeepers to provide accounting, bookkeeping and financial management services with long-term or short-term financial management.

We have a complete set of financial management methods and procedures to provide enterprises with professional, long-term or short-term financial management.

Goldenkey Accounting

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