Bin Li

Chief Advisor

Mr. Li is an expert in energy sector especially in electricity and power industry. He has been involving in the development, construction and operation of all kinds of electricity projects of the power system in China for over two decades.

Mr. Li understands fully how the electricity and power system work in terms of power generation, distribution, etc.. He has also been involved in the reform of the power system, technology innovation, and equipments replacements.

Mr. Li has witnessed and involved in the whole process of development and improvement of the electricity and power systems in China in the past decades. His knowledge and experience in electricity and power industry in China help him build up very close connections in the industry and fully understand the energy market in China.

Mr. Li is well connected in energy industry in China especially in electricity and power sector. He has also built up a good relationship with sectors such as transportation, ports, etc.. Mr. Li can play a very important role in energy business between Canada and China.