Bob Hart Msc.

Senior Consultant

Bob Hart has more than 30 years’ experience in environmental assessment and management. As a Project Assessment Manager with the BC Environmental Assessment Office Bob was involved in a number of mine and energy projects which triggered review under BC's Environmental Assessment Act, including green energy projects both run-of-river and wind power, and associated linear developments. He coordinated federal, provincial, local government and First Nation participation in reviews, and was responsible for public and First Nation consultation. Reviews considered potential effects and proposed mitigation for water and air quality, fish, wildlife and vegetation, socio-economics, heritage and First Nations interests.

Prior to Bob's association with the EAO, he coordinated BC Ministry of Environment’s technical input into mining proposals, and reclamation/remediation and closure plans, integrating and presenting the ministry's position over a diverse range of disciplines including fish and wildlife, air and water quality, surface and ground water hydrology, geochemistry (acid rock drainage), waste management and site reclamation/remediation.

As the environmental scientist with PCS Mining and later as consultant, Bob assessed effects of potash effluent discharges on native vegetation, crops and soils, and surface and ground water resources; conducting research on site reclamation/remediation; management of cropland and wildlife habitat; and environmental assessment of new mining and processing facilities.

Bob was an active member of BC’s Technical and Research Committee on Reclamation (TRCR) from 1990 to 2008, serving as rotating chairman and as a member of the reclamation awards and scholarship committees. He is a long-time member of the Canadian Land Reclamation Association (CLRA) and has served as a director of the CLRA, and president of the provincial chapter.

Bob is currently, President of Bob T. Hart Consulting Ltd., focusing on environmental assessment of major projects.


As coordinator of BC Ministry of Environment’s technical input into mining proposals, Bob was involved in several mining and hydro developments:

Forrest Kerr Hydro Project (Smithers region)
Willow Creek Coal (Chetwynd Tumbler Ridge area)
Eskay Creek Mine (Smithers region)
Greenville-Kincolith Road (Smithers region)
Telkwa Coal Mine (Smithers region)
Kemess South Mine (Prince George region)
Line Creek Coal (SE Coal block)
Bodie Dump Expansion (SE Coal block)
Cogburn Magnesium (Lower Mainland)
Mt. Milligan Copper (Prince George region)
Silver Tip Silver/Lead/Zinc Mine (Smithers Region).

As Project Manager for the BC Environmental Assessment Office (EAO), Bob managed a number of mining projects, including:

Hermann Coal Mine (Chetwynd Tumbler Ridge area)
Brule Coal Mine (Chetwynd Tumbler Ridge area)
Wolverine Coal Mine (Chetwynd Tumbler Ridge area)
Gething Coal (Chetwynd Tumbler Ridge area)
Davidson Molybdenum Mine (Smithers region)
Morrison Copper/Gold (Smithers region)
Sustut Copper (Prince George region)
Eagle Rock Quarry (Vancouver Island)

Since leaving the BC EAO in 2008, Bob has been working as a consultant (Bob T. Hart Consulting Ltd.), providing environmental assessment, reclamation and process advice to:

Jacques Whitford/Axys on the Terre De Grace Pilot Project (Alberta oil sands) and the Ft. McKay First Nation
Copper Fox Metal Inc. for the Schaft Creek mine proposal in northwest BC (Smithers Region)
Unicorn Energy and China Coal regarding coal development in BC
DPRA and the Moose Creek First Nation on the Detour Lake Gold project near Cochrane, Ontario;
DPRA and Fortune Minerals’ Mt Klappan Anthracite Project (Smithers Region)
Ministry of Forest, Lands and Renewable Resources Operations regarding the “One Process” management for major project development.