Taylor Wu Ph.D

President & CEO

Taylor Wu obtained master degree and Ph.D. from Harbin Institute of Technology in China and Tohoku University in Japan respectively. He was the only foreign senior Engineer and technical division chief of Minolta in Japan.

Dr. Wu came to Canada in 1999 as an immigrant. He had been a researcher for many years at National Research Council Canada.

Since 2003, Dr. Wu has been engaged in the mining investment and the development of energy projects in Canada. He was general manager at Canadian Dehua International Mines Group Inc., and founder of Unicorn International Mines Group Inc. as the president & CEO. His clients included the major mining and energy companies in Canada, Australia, etc. such as Rio Tinto. Dr. Wu has build up a very good relationship with famous geologists, accounting firms, law firms, port authorities and terminals, CN Railway, governments, and communities. He understands the policies in mining sectors such as Mines Act, Mining Environmental Laws & Regulations, Coal Act, Land Use Policy, Tax, Canada Rules and Regulations and is very familiar with the operation of mining investment and development. Dr. Wu is a very successful businessman in mining and energy industries.

Dr. Wu is still the founder and president of Golden River Resource Inc. which owns 3 coal mines in BC. One of the major companies in China is considering to invest the Princeton Coal Project, which with large amount of coal resource.

In 2012, Dr. Wu founded Goldenkey Group, an investment company consisting of a group of professionals and successful business people in mining and energy industries. He is the president and CEO.